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I hope you enjoy this section; these are some great inspirational writings. I hope they give you the inspiration you need to keep on keeping on. And as Winston Churchill said, 'Never, never, never give up.'

Credit is given to the author of the writings. I hope you will find some relief knowing that I am not the author of the contents of this page 😉

Food for the Soul- 44

Powerful moments…of wisdom…

Seema M Dewan

What can fear do? It can imagine …it can doubt. The moment I am awake it returns to silence.

My greatest power is to face what fear wants me to avoid. It’s time to face what uncertainties I have imagined.

My road is blocked only because I have placed the boulders of impatience in my own way.

The only limitation in my effort is constantly thinking and planning it.

Why I am free from this moment when my effort becomes my Guru.

I fear to be happy in case. I have not to return to my fear. It’s my right to be happy and to do my work at the same time.

No one knows me as well as I know myself. Knowing myself truthfully creates humility in me.

If I fear tough times I will make them tougher.

Beyond the goal I set for myself is the willpower in my own being

The moment you respect yourself all avenues will open for you.

Self-confidence is making the way ahead…not breaking your inner strength.

When fear calls, I bid it goodbye.

Every difficult moment reveals a powerful moment of wisdom.

Wisdom alone will save one...the truth of wisdom dissolves all bondages.

Perfection is the determination to take every step purposefully yet free of all expectations….

Reaching Your Dreams.

Seema M Dewan

You have to think the best for the best to come. You have to work hard without any complaints for the best to arise have to be brave to climb over the pitfalls in your journey. The best cannot be comes to those who do not give up on their own promise.

Those that prepare for the worst invite it may say, “I knew this was coming….” but that was because you were consumed with the thought of preparing for the worst. The weak mind admits defeat before attempting the successful ways. Change your attitude ....think and work toward the positive outcome. It will come to you the right time.

Those that are impatient scorn at a positive attitude. They remember the few moments that they were positive and nothing good happened. Of course they had determined their destiny by giving up. The blame was right within.

Expectations give birth to anger ...fear ...bitterness. It is never the circumstances. If you can take the next step with a smile no one will be able to defeat you.

Those that judge your hard times barely themselves spend time and effort to do good for their own selves. They have lost the focus to gather their inner strength. Hence they are easy to judge you. Leave the company of those that are determined to fall and take you down with them.

You have the right to pave your destiny. In difficult times walk with the stick of deep inner faith ....”I am ok ....I will cross this bridge ....nothing can stop me ....with the power of truth and goodness I will reach my dreams.”

Let’s bless all in their lives. Jealousy and envy of others’ successes will take away your courage to move with positivity. Can you receive anything if you want to take away what another has?

Thank God for your difficulties. For you think of Him most when they come. Inviting God’s presence in your life with the practice of constant prayer will give you peace and strength to awaken to next day ...Pray ....

God is listening ....and He is taking you to the golden door ....

Are you at Peace

Seema M Dewan

Peace is the power of right thinking…

Misery is born the moment your mind becomes attached to someone or something….

As long as you are not attached to the thought of misery no misery can touch you.

Petty thoughts arise as one choses a path of being the center of one’s own attention.

The moment you build a world of love petty thoughts diminish.

The greatest worry one has is how to carry his own I. In shaping and reshaping one’s I one forgets who he really is …

The biggest battle one has is with his own mind. The battle is won when one allows his mind exhaust it’s own nature.

Let an unhappy mind dwell in its own misery. You as the thinker choose joy. The mind’s tantrums silence as the thinker leads it to a selfless thought of love.

Repeat to yourself, “I chose peace …I chose peace.” You create peace by not being effected by your own mind’s shortcomings nor respond to another’s minds weakness.

Don’t try to prove your mind is better than another’s mind. In trying to do that you will lose all your energy to stay calm.

You can never lose peace as that’s your true nature. What you lose is your connection with it. Each time you feel you are losing peace reconnect yourself to affirming, “I need to be strong …calm ….loving …and kind.” This will give me the connection back to peace.

When you are peace you create the best moments of your life. Why lose that?

Imagine when all shook around you and you stood still. Imagine when all lost their cool around you and you stayed grounded in patience. Imagine when all complained and judged you accepted and gave understanding. Imagine the peace within you. Be filled with that. Make that your life.

Food for the Soul- 31

Being Powerful- Part 1

Seema M Dewan

I alone have the power to take my fear and make them nothing …

I have the strength to understand myself. That understanding will allow me to complete all my tasks.

Difficulty is something I did not expect …but not something I cannot overcome.

Once I put my desire aside I can face any uncertainty.

My greatest obstacle is my fear to face the unpredictable.

Nothing can be accomplished when I don’t like my own self.

There is no straight road ever to success.

The moment I infuse my mind with goodness I will be at peace.

I am not at peace as I am not allowing myself to evolve.

I evolve when I expect nothing…I evolve when I create a mind filled with positivity.

Positivity is the power of knowing yourself very well at all times.

Each time you create a positive self you will create a more powerful environment …

Food for the Soul- 13

Dealing With Uncertainty

Seema M Dewan

The circumstances never define who you are. You always do…the

strength of your hopes and prayers will carry you across the times of unknown destiny. As long as you have faith in yourself you will be able to race with all times. It’s never about what the race ends in…it’s how you ran it …at every moment…without the interference of any fear.

Forget about what others think when you struggle and are trying to climb out of the hole of past karmas. It never was their strength you were dependent on. It was never their impression of you that made you cross the bridge of past failures. It was you…your persistence …your resilience …your declaration that you will survive beyond the doubts of the world that watches you …

You alone open all roads of your path. You have to lay the stones of your pathway. You have to walk slowly and steadily at each step. And you alone determine when you need to change the direction in your path. The onlooker who claps or doubts your steps must both be faded out from your vision. It’s all about you …your focus …your determination and your final win.

Who is to dare to tell you who you are…why, you alone know of the voice that motivates you from the depth of your heart. Those who truly love you will never block your way that reaches your calling and destination. They will stand by you and speak the silence of their faith in you. And that silence will carry you with perfection.

No More Anxiety

Food for the Soul- 30

Seema M Dewan

You determine the circumstance by the way you think…

Hold on to thoughts that create peace within you. Let go of thoughts that create the chaos of fears.

When you are completely at peace with yourself you are most powerful.

Negative thoughts create a negative self. A negative self creates a confused present. A confused present creates anxiety.

You cannot hurt yourself with the misery of holding on to fear and still desire to be free of the pain. The pain leaves as you let go of all suppositions and predictions.

Remember you don’t waste time when your plans are delayed or do not come to fruition. The doors of the present always open another door.

Time is surely wasted when you hold yourself into a moment that has already passed. Take your next step. You will overcome the fear of what just happened.

Believing you are anxious creates greater anxiety.

The thoughts that doubt your self should have no place in your mind.

Your mind must be the powerhouse of all positive possibilities.

Imagine going to a doctor that says before he looks at you that he has no hope for your life. Such is the diagnosis of an anxious thought.

You cannot cater to the disease of no hope in you. That is the disease of anxiety.

You cannot sleep all day and expect your tasks to be done. An anxious mind sleeps in fear and expects all work to be done.

Everything happens for the power of a greater good. Don’t let rejections of life become your projections.

Can anyone else take charge of your mind and give you peace? Of course not. You are the one thinking. You alone are the one that can correct the direction of your thoughts.

Depression is the acceptance of constant anxiety. You say “No,” to a mind that is victimizing your willpower. You break bonds with it.

The thoughts of negativity repeat as one fears not be in its company. They stop as you make friends with the power to love yourself.

What is anxiety? Is it permanent? How can it be? Do you open the doors for anyone who passes your street? You have your lock on the door. You only unlock to a known face. Unlock the door of your mind only to a good and loving thought.

When the body becomes dirty one takes a bath and cleanses its dirt. Same thing with the mind. As one sees the mind cluttered one has to cleanse it with good, sincere, loving thoughts.

The fear of anxiety comes as one realizes he is losing his own self. You alone can give yourself back to your self. No one else can convince you of that.

Thinking of going in the wrong direction is not a disease. A mind thinking too much is not a disease. One giving up on ones self is not a disease. It is a misunderstanding of the self. When you correct it you reach complete clarity of the mind.

Yes you need the support to reach clarity of the mind. Seek good, strong, loving company. Don’t get addicted to an outside source to clean an inside mess.

The greatest mantra is, “I am happy.” Say that to yourself many times a day. It’s the reminder of the soul that is the container of constant strength in you.

Free yourself from the thought that you have lost the battle. You cannot lose until you give up the armor of hope and the weapons of self worth. Carry them with all your might in all situations …

It’s in your hands. The constant thought that fears not to fear must not rule your life. It is simple as that. Being afraid of not being afraid cannot make you strong. To be strong one has to laugh at the fears that come and go in the mind.

Such laughter will be born as one creates constant peace with the thought, “I am happy …I love my peace…and I am not afraid to face my present.”

I am silent …

Seema M Dewan

Even in the practice of silence one proclaims within, “I am trying to be silent …”

Watching your own mind without being afraid of what comes in it and goes is the practice of inner silence.

Whatever the mind suggests has no relevance until the “I” within you that has been watching the thoughts attaches itself to the thought.

Silence is allowing the thought to germinate …bloom…and die without you being related to its movement.

Silence is the awareness that declares that all sound, external and internal, are passing. It is not the fear nor the attempt to avoid sound but it is the focus to be…without the attempt of wanting to be …

The mind can never be empty as long as the senses are active. How can that which you see ..hear ..taste …and feel disappear? Of course you will receive the impulsive nature of the senses.

Silence is experiencing the senses as if one closes his eyes for a second as the wind blows on his face. and the next second opens his eyes to experience the unseen magnificence of the storm that has come but is sure to pass.

The one who fears to be silent speaks silently the most.

Silence is not the power to be pure. That you are already. Silence is when the awareness to observe the changing environment within one’s own mind becomes constant.

The mind is in constant flux. There is no silent mind. One experiences never the silent mind but the overactive observer that is allowing thoughts to pass while one is in the bliss of consciousness of being …and being alone.

I am the awareness of consciousness…all else is a small tremor in my state of being. This tremor has no purpose other than me to be aware of who I am. That awareness with no fear of being disturbed is silence.


I am silent …I do not seek silence. I cannot practice it’s stillness. My very being is silent. I have to let all noises pass and not be me. These noises arise when my eyes move from the center of my own being. I have to let them speak …waiver ..shake …and become still. There is no noise that can effect me. Every external sound is the internal tremor of my own focus to be. No one is responsible for the noises that disturb me. When I am disturbed it’s because I have given up my silence to be. Let me not blame another for the waves of fear I myself create. I need to be free of blaming…judging…and hurting myself and others. It will all pass ….I have created the noises that I alone can silence. Let them talk…while I hear the unending joy of my soul. All that I seek is within the soul. Let me be that. What silence can I seek .when I am bliss? While being in bliss let all come …and pass. While I remain free silence alone there shall be …

Stronger than you think.

Seema M Dewan

The greatest mistake you make is by not learning from your past mistakes

No one makes a mistake intentionally. If you make a mistake again it is no more a mistake but a calculated risk.

A mistake is born due to insufficient thought and analysis. To avoid a mistake be vigilant of your own inner weaknesses.

Don’t waste your time in trying to get sympathy from others for your mistakes you make. Are you here to make friendships on bonds of sharing similar weaknesses?

You can pick up from your mistake by emerging stronger ..strength is derived by transforming weak thoughts into ones filled with courage.

Why do you feel bad if others point to you your past mistakes. You were the one that was bearing its results. You repented. You found the strength to change and never look back. Who are they ?

You cannot live in the fear of a past mistake. You have to live in the light of its correction.

Why are you afraid of telling others of your past mistakes. Have you not suffered by knowing it yourself. What fingers can they point when you have found the strength to transform.

People find strength by discussing another’s faults and mistakes. Be free of that. To change toward the higher force you have to keep the lens of the eye toward your self.

A mistake has control over you as long as you are attaching your pride with it. What can you defend when you know you made the wrong choice.The mountain of pride over your shoulders need to fall. You have to be carrying no attachments to your past mistakes.

What you need is the courage of truth. Be truthful to yourself. That truth will carry you from your past into a glowing present.

Don’t make yourself your mistakes. Reflect on them and make yourself free from making another one.

No one is perfect. Naturally the choices are also the trails and tribulations of error. Just don’t repeat the same error in different ways. You are stronger than you think.

Cleansing the Mind

Seema M Dewan

Every thought creates the action to come. And every action dictates to you who you have become.

Every thought has the power to give you peace or completely take it away. Hence be aware of your own mind.

A thought that makes your conscience uncomfortable should be immediately discarded. If the thought has made you restless, then the action that it will dictate will make you lose dignity and self-respect. Stop and change your direction of thinking. Attract yourself to the thoughts of love and peace.

No one can make you think bad thoughts. Negative thoughts come as one loses respect for one’s own self. The lack of self-respect makes you more and more negative.

In times one has difficulties one must serve those that are even more at a disadvantaged position than you. When you give in times of sorrow you make your pain much less by giving another endless joy.

Anger is the expression of fear in which one fears his own state of being. One is not happy with one’s own self. When one is unhappy within, he controls his environment by being angry with those who are free in being happy. An angry person does not wish anyone to be happy. Give up the restlessness of fear and anxiety. Anger will lessen and leave. Realize that the only perfection in life is how you handle your own self and keep that self always in peace.

Being bad is only a term of being not yourself. One has to understand the bad vanishes the moment one one finds the nature to be happy and giving.

Taking a bath is normal…wearing clean clothes is normal …keeping the environment clean is normal …but taking responsibility of your mind and cleansing it is not a requirement. That’s the mistake one makes. The mind must be cleansed as much as one wants to be seen clean. What’s the point? All see you as a clean, well taken care of individual. But the greatest responsibility is to see yourself clean within. That’s what will give you the confidence one day to train your mind and keep it in the direction of good thoughts.

The greatest gift you can give someone is to be at peace. Your presence can change a life of another. Your strength to be good …your discipline to be equal minded …your duty to be understanding is what makes you a successful person useful to society ….

Keeping Yourself Sane

Seema M Dewan

The greatest and closest relationship you have is with yourself be yourself you must spend time with yourself....

When you begin to lose the connection with your own self, you lose everything. The sanity to face all situations in life comes when you know who you are.

In the closest relationships there are the greatest expectations. To keep the relationship pain free, give each other time to be yourself with your own selves.

A peaceful silence between two people in a relationship results in understanding of each other and mutual respect. The best communication is observation of each other and understanding of each other. In both there is one common requirement ....silence ...

Too much talking between two will result in a misunderstanding. Love flows when you give each other time to reflect. You have better times spent together when you have intervals of being away from each other.

No matter how many years you know and have been with someone, you must not let go of showing respect toward each other. Giving respect is not watching how much respect is being returned to you. Giving respect to another is watching your own actions constantly.

Be happy when you are with anyone ...that’s the least you can give in any relationship. Being happy gives the other the strength to receive happiness from within too.

The mantras of life ....

Times can be tough but I can still be at peace ...

Everything may not be perfect ...but I can still find a way to be calm ...

I must not eye another’s joy ...another’s gain ....another’s success

I have to be stable with myself at all times.

No one is responsible for my peace.

My peace is always within me…

I have to stop complaining and making myself miserable.

My greatest fault is to see the fault in others.

I have to stop expecting and start working hard ...

My effort is the source of my peace.

In every result there is an inspirational beginning.

I can only like myself if I don’t hurt anyone.

In the end it’s how I see myself, not how the world knows me…

If I don’t watch my thinking I will lose the will power to be…

My heart speaks without a thought. I must follow it.

My own thoughts of selfishness create worry.

The greatest truth lies in my own soul.

I am being good not for the sake of someone else. Being good is a gift to your own self. It’s everlasting peace.

I judge others the moment I know I have already fallen.

Sanity is the silence of the mature mind.

My thoughts teach me who I am…

My words teach me what I constantly think…

My actions teach me what I constantly want…

My feelings teach me what I must think and what I must not think...

I am sane when I am at peace with myself…

Food for the Soul- 41

Finding Yourself

Seema M Dewan

My most powerful moments are when I encounter my soul…

A calm mind is a pathway to the inner depths of pure guidance.

I become calm when I no more fear my environment…

I have to battle and conquer my inner expectations of my own self by just being it…

No one must force me to be what they think I should be….

The best I can do is to give my full and complete self moment to moment…

Success should result in peace and not in the fear of more success…

In my silent moments I speak to my soul and awaken the light of the Supreme Consciousness…

I have to choose the strongest thoughts of my mind…

A weak thought vanishes when I act upon a strong thought…

I am neither the strong thought nor the weak. I am the thinker who welcomes the silence of peace.

Peace is the power of thinking nothing while encountering everything.

To reach a straight road ahead I have to face the turning point…

I realize who I am more and more at every turning point…

The straight road is a path where I reflect upon how I have grown from the last turning point…

I lose peace the moment I want everything I think.

What makes me myself is my peace. Losing peace is losing self-awareness.

You cannot find yourself. You can only be it…and overcome the thought of wanting to be more than your true self.

Food for the Soul- 40

Do you want to be happy?

Seema M Dewan

Everything is bound to be well…

If not now….then soon…

The perfect circumstance

Is when you are happy unconditionally…

Why count the moments of difficulty?

Why panic? Why plan the odds?

Just stay rooted in faith…

The hard times will not mock you then…

Peace flows…

When one no more carries fear

When one no more desires perfection

When one is no more attached to another’s hand to hold

In the journey of life…

Why ask others of their lives?

If you wish to be content

Watch your life and turn it toward

Being the most powerful self…

A mind that complains

Will take away your joy…

Silence its constant thoughts

By the one thought…

“I am happy...and I have nothing to fear…

Nothing to worry…

I am well if I am happy to be my best self…

For the moment…”

Why waste time in talking?

Of others faults and mistakes…

Use your time

In accepting all as they are…

You change for their sake

Become calm and avoid

The mistake of hurting anyone…

Your greatest fall

Is to fall with others…

Your greatest strength

Is to lift them

And forget about the act…

You are to become stronger

Than you plan…feel…and think….

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want each day to be

Filled with the grace of goodness?

Then you have to begin…

Be good no matter what you face…

Give no matter what you lose…

Embrace with matter how you are misunderstood…

If you want to be happy

You have to create it’s moments…

And not wait and desire

For the world

To hand you

Your happiness…

It’s within you…

And you are in charge of how your life

Is meant to be…

Food for the Soul- 37

Beyond All Fears

Seema M Dewan

The moment you believe in yourself and let go of all your inner ghosts, from that moment on you create the destiny of facing every moment with the endless power of your own self-confidence.

There may be many stumbling stones along your path…but you determine if you wish to continue your journey of faith or stay rooted in the fears of many possibilities.

It is thinker who has to see that the thoughts of fear that he harbors within slowly creates his destiny.

Empower yourself by replacing a weak thought with a strong thought that has direction and guidance.

The thought, “I am not afraid of anything…anyone…and any circumstance…” creates the self in you that is beyond all doubts. Once on the road you have to learn to walk and cross it to the other side no matter what the traffic.

The thought, “I cannot overcome my constant fears,” cripples the thinker in believing that nothing is in his hands. Everything is possible the moment you stop entangling your inner strength with the mere suggestions of the mind.

The mind is most powerful when the thinker is in charge of which thoughts are helpful and which are creating a weak fearful self. A weak thought is like steering the car and constantly placing the foot on the brake. The thinker has time be able to place his foot on the accelerator while at the same time he is ready to place the foot on the brake to stop uninviting thoughts. Through this process he alone has to steer himself to the most uplifting destination.

Whatever one thinks himself to be, that’s what he slowly becomes. Often one weakens himself by predicting his own nature. “I cannot do this …I will never be able to do this. Can I do this?” These thoughts have no truth within them. They are reflections of deep-rooted fears. The moment one stops making impressions of one’s own self, one sees the depth of maturity one has within.

Remember, fear does not follow you. You follow it. It has no way to believe in itself. It is you who takes a suggestion and makes it part of you. That part of you that hesitates to be you has to be uprooted. Why, it’s only fair to know yourself. And be completely that self that is free …always happy…and true to your inner spirit.

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