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divorcing A Narcissit?

No compass and no one to take you across?

One on One Divorce Mentoring will help you:

ready to divorce right?
ready to reinvent yourself?

divorce is an isolating experience

To Say the Least

mental fog, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety are some of the symptoms of divorce  

Trust me. Having been through a protracted, litigious, and costly divorce, I know these symptoms extremely well.

It is the reason I published a book on how to divorce, The Good The Bad and The Divorce, and became a Certified Divorce Mentor.

Desert in Dark

high conflict divorce with a narcissist requires unique planning

✅ Does your spouse accuse you of exactly the same things they themselves do?

✅ Does your spouse chronically contradict you at every turn, no matter what you say? 

✅ Do they deny events even when they know you were present and witnessed everything - AKA gaslighting?

✅ Do they threaten with divorce frequently to square you into obedience?

✅ Do you feel like their source of energy and supply rather than a spouse?

✅ Walking on eggshells?

✅ Do they rally the children against you and take great delight in doing so?

✅ Do they diminish and insult you in social occasions?

✅ Infidelity?

✅ Feeling sick and tired?

✅ Feeling isolated and lonely?

✅ Is the ex engaging in a smear campaign? 

✅ Friends and family don't believe your experience?

✅ Feeling overwhelmed?

here's the brutal truth about divorce:

you don't know who you are married to until you get a divorce!

Starting my divorce was a rollercoaster ride, just like it is for so many others who've been through it; I thought I would be able to complete it within six to twelve months. I did not have anyone to warn me what was to come! I did not realize then that the light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming train! It seemed like my divorce would never end - five years of back-and-forth, eight different attorneys, and four court appearances. The final one? The Court of Appeals. 

Why did it drag on for so long? 

Starting my divorce was a rollercoaster ride, just like it is for so many others who've been through it; I thought I would be able to complete it within six to twelve months. I did not have anyone to warn me what was to come! I did not realize then that the light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming train! It seemed like my divorce would never end - five years of back-and-forth, eight different attorneys, and four court appearances.

The final one? The Court of Appeals. 


Why did it drag on for so long? 




 Did I mention I worked with eight attorneys?
Did I also mention I was self-represented in Two of my Four court appearances?


I made the same mistakes most men make in divorce, mistakes that could easily have been avoided had I received the right advice from the beginning. Had I known what I know now, my divorce would have been infinitely easier and less expensive.

My divorce is categorized as amongst the top 1% of litigious divorces; I received a complete and thorough practical education on the entire divorce process from A to Z.

I came out to help others.




Hesitation, fear, and ignorance cost you a fortune in divorce. We all make mistakes, but when it comes to the end of a marriage, they are brutally expensive.

Very few divorce professionals understand how to navigate a narcissistic divorce!!

If you decide to put this statement to the test, be ready to pay three or five times or more what it should really cost. Also, be ready to spend three, five, or even ten years battling back and forth.

Oscar Chavarria Divorce Coach

Divorce is not just the end of a marriage; it is a life-changing event that can leave you feeling isolated, confused, and unsure of what to do next. Friends and family may mean well, but often their advice falls short because they cannot truly understand what you are going through. And on top of that, there is still a stigma attached to divorce that can make you feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it openly.

It's no wonder that many people choose to suffer in silence, dealing with their divorce alone. But it doesn't have to be that way. As a divorce mentor, I am here to be your ally, your sounding board, and your thinking partner. I will help you navigate the complex emotional, legal, and practical issues that come with divorce.

Even the simplest of divorces can be complicated, but when high conflict is involved, the situation can be overwhelming. That's where I come in. I have helped many people like you through this challenging time, and I can help you too. With my support, you can avoid common mistakes, make informed decisions, and emerge from your divorce stronger and more confident than ever.

Don't reinvent the wheel by going through divorce alone. Let me be your guide and help you through this difficult journey.

Navigating a divorce can be an incredibly disorienting experience. It can feel like you've been transported to a completely different planet where the usual rules no longer apply. Everything that once made sense now seems foreign and confusing. But you don't have to go through it alone. As a divorce mentor, I can help you make sense of this new world and create a personalized roadmap to guide you through the journey ahead. Together, we can look to the future and move forward towards a brighter tomorrow.

Connecting Dots

How does divorce mentoring work?

Divorce coach Oscar

When it comes to divorce, having someone in your corner can make all the difference. As your advocate, I'm here to support you every step of the way, no matter where your journey takes you. My goal is to be your thinking partner and sounding board, so we can explore all the available options that are unique to your situation. You can count on me to create a safe and confidential space where you can express your concerns and be heard with attentive listening. Let's work together to navigate this challenging time and find the best path forward for you.

I want you to know that when we work together, you have my full attention. My approach is centered around active listening, which means that I won't cut you off mid-sentence or give you unsolicited advice. Instead, I'm here to listen to you and ask the right questions that can help you prepare for the journey ahead. As someone who has been through a divorce myself, I understand firsthand the kinds of questions that are important to ask. And I'm committed to using that knowledge to help you navigate this challenging time with confidence and clarity. So let's work together to create a plan that's tailored to your unique needs and goals.


When it comes to your divorce journey, my role is not to tell you what to do - it's to help you find the inner strength and confidence to be the driving force in your own life. Together, we'll work to uncover solutions that align with your values and goals. I'm here to support you every step of the way, offering guidance and insights that can help you make informed decisions. But ultimately, the power is in your hands. I'm confident that with my help, you can tap into your own inner wisdom and find the solutions you need to move forward. So let's get started and discover the path that's right for you.

How does a divorce mentor save you money

Reduce legal fees through divorce coaching

As your divorce mentor, I'll provide guidance to help you navigate your unique journey and gain clarity about the transition ahead. By understanding the road ahead, you'll be equipped to make informed financial decisions.


Going through a divorce can be a financial nightmare, especially if you don't have the right guidance. I should know - my own divorce cost me a small fortune in six figures. Looking back, I realize that much of the financial waste was due to my lack of knowledge about the system, taking bad advice, and making poor decisions. But the good news is, as your divorce mentor, I can help you avoid the same mistakes and make the best financial decisions for your future. Together, we can create a roadmap for your unique journey and ensure that you have the clarity and guidance you need to succeed.

adopt a new frame of mind

One of the most challenging life adjustments anyone may go through is divorce. Many individuals experience extreme emotional suffering and stress, leaving them feeling lost and alone. But during this trying time, cultivating a curious mindset can have a hugely positive impact.

By looking at how changing your way of thinking can help you handle divorce more easily and why working with a divorce coach can be so beneficial.

It's common to feel like you're losing everything after a divorce. However, changing your viewpoint and developing a curious mindset can help you reframe your thinking and uncover new solutions you previously would not have believed were possible. You can begin to see divorce as an opportunity for growth and transformation rather than as something you're losing.

I have found that exploring a sense of spiritual curiosity during the divorce journey can be an invaluable aid in navigating the emotional terrain with greater ease and grace.

Begin to release attachment to the past and focus on the present and the future. 

Divorce is a lonely journey

Time to Cross that Bridge

I offer to help you save money, time and a whole lot of pain


It does not have to be an expensive and painful experience.

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you deserve clarity and confidence

We Believe in Happy After Divorce

Start your divorce plan by downloading the first chapter of my book

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the benefits of a coach

As your divorce coach, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. I understand that divorce is not just a legal process, but an emotional, financial and social one as well. That's why I take the time to really get to know you and your unique situation - I already have a very good idea of what your life has been like over the last few years, and what it may look like in the years to come. And with that knowledge, I can help you see things from new perspectives and consider viewpoints you may have missed on your own.

Dealing with divorce can be overwhelming, and it's not uncommon to feel stressed, anxious, and even dreading the process. But you don't have to go through it alone. I'm here to help you navigate this difficult time and clear the mental fog that can make it challenging to move forward. It would be an honor for me to guide you through this process and help you come out the other side stronger and more confident than ever. So let's work together and make this journey a little easier for you.

ABOUT oscar

I've been where you are now. After going through my own five-year-litigious divorce journey, I decided to channel my experience into something positive. I wrote a book on divorce and became certified as a divorce mentor. And let me tell you, going through a divorce is like getting a street-level Ph.D. education in the Family machine system.

As a self-represented litigant (SRL) at my own 2-day summary trial, I know firsthand how overwhelming the legal process can be. But with the help of a great unbundled lawyer, I was able to navigate the system and represent myself effectively. I spent countless hours on my computer, preparing all the submissions to the court in advance. It wasn't easy, but it gave me a deep understanding of the process that I now use to help others going through the same thing.


So if you're feeling lost and overwhelmed, know that you're not alone. And with my help, you too can come out the other side feeling empowered and in control of your own divorce journey.

Divorce Coach Oscar
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