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You deserve to be the 


My book is written with you in mind. It is a comprehensive step-by-step of how to divorce.

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Long Road
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If you are reading this, then I already know much about you, actually a lot. I know what your last three, five, or even ten years have been like; I also know what your life will look like in the next three to five years; at this point, you have come to realize divorce is a very lonely journey, and you are beginning to question the advice friends and family give. When trying to explain your inner world to others, either you get dismissed, or they get so emotionally involved, you end up having to deal with their outburst of negative emotions.  As strange as it may sound, there is also the still-existing stigma of divorce, one needs to contend with. 


Soon you come to realize it is best to keep silent and deal with this on your own. 

It does not have to be like that. this is the very reason I am a divorce coach. To be your advocate, thinking partner and sounding board.  A much-needed friend to help you along your journey.  


Going through divorce alone is like trying to reinvent the wheel. Why?         


Even simple split-ups are complicated – what to say of high conflict separations. 


  • Isolated?

  • Confused?

  • Disoriented?

  • Unsure what to do next?

  • Scared of the legal process?

  • Stressed?


Divorce is like moving to a different planet where the laws of physics no longer apply; up means down, left is right, and down is up. Nothing seems to make sense. 

I will work with you to make sense of this new world, create a personalized roadmap for your journey, help you look to the future and move forward.



After completing my very own five-year-litigious divorce journey, I wrote a book on divorce and became certified as a divorce coach. It feels experiences like mine are comparable to obtaining a street-level Ph.D education in the Family machine system.

I was a self-represented litigant (SRL) at my 2-day summary trial, with the help of a great unbundled lawyer. After spending countless hours on my computer, I produced all the submissions to the court in advance. 

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