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My Passion for Helping Others

I completed my very own five-year-litigious divorce journey, and it feels experiences like mine are comparable to obtaining a street-level Ph.D. education in the Family machine system.  I was a self-represented litigant (SRL) at my 2-day summary trial, with the help of a great unbundled lawyer. After spending countless hours on my computer, I produced all the submissions to the court in advance.

Oscar Chavarria divorce coach

While it is true that SRLs are visiting the Supreme Court in slightly greater numbers than before, it hasn’t gotten any easier; it is still quite a challenge to go through the process. I have much to share with you and would love to help you in your divorce journey, make it smoother and help you avoid common mistakes that not just me but many people in divorce have made.


Going through this experience in the best mental and emotional conditions is challenging enough, let alone when your thoughts are foggy, and vision is blurred. There is no roadmap, no navigational compass, and it is hard to decide the next step. Divorce is often one of the most emotionally taxing periods in a person’s life. The uncertainty of the road ahead and the intense emotions around the process make for a very rough ride.

I learned it does not have to be this way; you need not do it alone.

During this process, I read everything I could about human communications, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality; I was able to gain valuable insights through actual practice and theory. My education through this process was no different from my education at the local Polytechnic institute, BCIT, where we were bombarded with assignments and then scheduled for daily practicums. The only difference is that I never received a diploma for my well-earned street equivalent Ph.D. of litigious Divorce. 

After completing my divorce journey, I felt strongly about going back to the beginning of the road, where many humans are about to embark on the very same bumpy ride, through the same storm I have just finished travelling and light up the path for them. Think of me as your co-pilot sitting on the passenger seat, offering you a roadmap and the best way to navigate the journey up ahead.  

These days, I am heavily invested in coaching programs to help me gain an even deeper understanding of human communication for the benefit of my clients in their respective journeys.  

This divorce journey is yours to travel; I am here to remind you to fully use your personal power to forge ahead on your own terms, that indeed you are in the driver’s seat. As one door closes behind you, many doors in front of you are waiting to open. 

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