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Divorce Coaching for men

How to overcome these five common fears when divorcing a narcissist

Certified Divorce Coach
Divorce coaching client divorcing a narcissist

You helped me a lot. If you are about to go through a divorce, he has some good insight to help you make some good early decisions. A very good communicator also

Divorce coaching client who read the good the bad and the divorce

I read Oscar's book, the Good, The Bad, The Divorce. A great and easy read that gives you all the pitfalls to watch out for and the basic steps to take in making your way through the court system

Divorce Coaching client

Thank you a lot, this was very helpful. I really recommend to anyone who is looking for help

divorce coach Oscar

Divorce Coach Oscar

Hi, I'm Oscar,

Here’s the brutal truth about divorce:
"Most fears about divorcing a personality disordered spouse are true"

Starting my divorce was a rollercoaster ride, just like it is for so many others who've been through it, I thought I would be able to complete it within six to twelve months. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come! I did not realize then that the light at the end of the tunnel was actually an oncoming train!

Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster, and I know firsthand how tough it can be. It seemed like my divorce would never end - five years of back-and-forth, eight different attorneys, and four court appearances. The final one? The Court of Appeals. Why did it drag on for so long? Well, let me introduce you to the world of high-conflict divorce. These types of divorces almost always require more time, more litigation, and more money to reach a resolution. Trust me

Divorce Coaching for men

Divorce is debatably worse than mourning someone who has passed. Discover how to turn your divorce into a transformative journey. As a man, you may have felt like you're navigating this challenging process alone. From the moment the thought of "divorce" enters your mind to making life-changing decisions, ending your marriage, and starting anew - it can be incredibly isolating. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Don't let divorce define your story - take control and empower yourself instead. Start by downloading my cheat sheet

Divorce Coaching for men

Most fear the difficulty of divorcing a narcissist. Many men do not understand the legal system and conflict resolution options, the ignorance of it all will end up costing you several tens of thousands of dollars over and above what it should really be.

Divorce Coaching for men

Even amicable divorces are heartbreaking, what to say of a narcissistic one. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the legal and financial complexities of it all. The lack of preparation and exit strategy early in the process are very costly mistakes that translate into tremendous losses by the time the divorce is completed.

Navigating the complexities of divorce can be a daunting task. I know this all too well, as I found myself in a similar situation without the proper guidance. The result? Wasted time and a hefty legal bill that could have been avoided. But fear not, there is a better way to manage this process and save yourself from unnecessary stress and financial strain..

It is critical to protect yourself during divorce

Divorce coaching for men
Divorce coaching for men

Divorcees seek advice from friends and family. The problem is, often they cannot speak to the ugly truths about divorce and respect your personal boundaries. Soon you realize that the most valuable support comes from someone who's been through the same experience.

Divorcees seek advice from friends and family. The problem is, often they cannot speak to the ugly truths about divorce and respect your personal boundaries. Soon you realize that the most valuable support comes from someone who's been through the same experience.

divorce coaching for men

Some typical advice divorcees get from their inner circle are:

  🌊 You are committed and you should stay in the marriage! It's your obligation!
  🌊 Why don't you just leave?
  🌊 What is holding you back?

  🌊 Just go to court and the problem is solved!

It can get even more complicated when:

  🌊 others don't believe you, forcing you to defend your decisions.

  🌊 they become really emotionally invested, and it gets very challenging to handle their anger issues along with your own stress.

  🌊 give you poor advice and leave you feeling even more confused.

There's a lot to process during this time, and it can only be done at your own pace and time.

A narcissistic high-conflict Divorce is like driving through a foggy night on a winding, rocky road with many curves and turns. It cannot be completed in a single sitting. There are many things to consider and do.

You can greatly benefit from understanding the top reasons for divorce, and see what the road ahed looks like for you.

   ✅ Financial troubles

   ✅ Infidelity

   ✅ Substance abuse

   ✅ Too much arguing

The Stats:
   ✅ 50% of first marriages end in divorce

   ✅ 70% of second marriages end in divorce

   ✅ 75% of third marriages end in divorce


There is no such thing as an easy divorce; however, there are two distinct categories of divorces:
and high conflict.


Amicable divorces can be achieved when two spouses have healthy personalities and agree it is time to end. Even then, amicable divorces are quite difficult, and can also benefit from my cheat sheet.

Divorce coaching for men

There is more to the divorce story than most people realize, mostly because divorcées tend to think of it as a single divorce, not understanding that you must deal with four different divorces:

  ✔ The legal
  ✔ Financial
  ✔ Emotional
  ✔ and the social divorce


It is common for divorcees to depend solely on their lawyers throughout the entire process, without realizing that the attorney is only responsible for one of the four.

A high-conflict divorce will always need extra preparation and planning

unlock the path to freedom

How to divorce a narcissist and divorce coaching

Download our essential High-Conflict Divorce Cheat Sheet now to take control of your journey. Gain expert insights on navigating the toughest situations, managing emotions, and safeguarding your well-being. Don't let the chaos overwhelm you – empower yourself with strategies tailored to high-conflict scenarios. Your brighter, calmer future starts with this FREE resource in hand. Act now and pave the way to a smoother tomorrow.

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